POWER SHUTDOWNS. Latest update, Sun 12 Aug, 18:05 EDT: Following the scheduled downtime of 10–12 August, all services are now operational.

See our status page for the full history.

CONTRIB WEBSERVER. Latest update, Fri 1 Jun, 01:02 EDT: Following the Contrib webserver outage of 22-30 March affecting most users' sites, we received an updated feed file of valid Andrew users from Computing Services which is more up-to-date and will obtain regular updates. We have applied this user list to the Contrib service effective 1 June 2018.

Follow us for the latest updates:
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To use our web hosting service, simply place files under a directory named www in your AFS home directory. These files can be immediately viewed at http://www.contrib.andrew.cmu.edu/~[your andrewid].

If you are unable to view your files, check the AFS ACLs with fs la ~/www. Ensure that system:anyuser rl is displayed in the list of permissions. If it is not, set permissions with fs sa -d ~/www -acl system:anyuser read, then verify that your files are now viewable.

Welcome to Carnegie Mellon University's contributed webserver. This is one of a number of services offered to the campus community by the CMU Computer Club. It offers an alternate website hosting mechanism for andrew users as well as some services not offered officially by CMU Computing Services. No manual publishing is required to use this service.